Philosophy of Law
(Law 450)
Spring 2018

MW 10:00-11:15

Prof. Michael Green

 Room 239


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On Wed. Mar. 21 we will do

Hart's theory applied: The paradox of self-amendment
    Alf Ross, On Self-Reference and a Puzzle in Constitutional Law, 78 Mind 1-24 (1969) [available on JSTOR] 
- read ONLY pp. 1-7 and pp. 20-24.
Study Questions

and we will start:

  Scott Shapiro, The Hart-Dworkin Debate: A Short Guide for the Perplexed [on SSRN] (read only up to p. 41)
Study Questions

The following is the 2-page paper topic for Wed. - be sure to email me the paper before class on Wed.:

Using the example of Article V, what in your own words is the paradox of self-amendment and what is Ross's solution?