Questions on MR 8.4

1. Let’s say that you try to disclose the confidential material of a client, but the client intervenes and prevents it.  Have you committed a disciplinary violation under the Model Rules?

2. Let’s say that you are acquitted of a crime. Can the same acts of which you were acquitted be the grounds for subjecting you to professional discipline under MR 8.4(b) for committing “a criminal act that reflects adversely on the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer”?

3. Would a drunk driving conviction submit you to professional discipline under Rule 8.4?  A series of convictions for drunk driving?  A conviction for failure to pay income tax?

4. Let’s say you find out from a client that a plaintiff in another case used fraud to win an undeserved verdict of $1,000,000.  You offer to sell this information to the losing defendant for $200,000.  Is this action sanctionable under Rule 8.4?

5. Let’s say that you and your client plan on suing someone for fraud.  Before the suit is filed, you arrange a settlement.  As part of the settlement, you and your client agree not to bring the potentially criminal nature of the defendant’s conduct to the attention of the authorities.  Is this in violation of MR 8.4?  

6. Is plagiarism sanctionable under MR 8.4?  

7. Is having sexual relations with a 14-year old non-client when one is 23 sanctionable under MR 8.4?