Professional Responsibility
Law 115

Fall 2012 

Wed. 3:30-5:10
Room 119

Professor Michael Steven Green

Office: Room 210
Office Hours: M, T, Th 2-3 or by appt.

Course Materials:
The casebook for the course is:
    Hazard, Koniak, Cramton, Cohen & Wendel, The Law and Ethics of Lawyering (5th ed. 2010)
In addition, you will be asked to read provisions from the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, which are available here, and a few provisions from the Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct and the ABA's Model Code of Professional Responsibility, links to which will be provided in the syllabus.

Study Questions:
You should read, with each week's material, the study questions for the reading, which will be posted on this page. Study questions will also be posted on the syllabus for the course.


The following is the grade distribution for the 94 J.D. students in the class (I have excluded the two LLMs):

A+        1
A          10
A-         18
B+        32
B          19
B-         14