§ 121. Law Governing Validity Of Marriage

Except as stated in §§ 131 and 132, a marriage is valid everywhere if the requirements of the marriage law of the state where the contract of marriage takes place are complied with.


§ 122. Requirements Of State Of Celebration

A marriage is invalid everywhere if any mandatory requirement of the marriage law of the state in which the marriage is celebrated is not complied with.

§ 131. Remarriage After Parties To Divorce Both Forbidden To Remarry

If by statute each party to a divorce granted in the state is forbidden for a certain time or during the life of the other party, to marry again, and one party goes into another state and marries, being permitted to do so by the law of that state, the marriage is valid everywhere, even in the state where the divorce was granted, unless
(a) the time named is a time within which an appeal to a higher court may be taken; or
(b) the statute which forbids the parties to marry is interpreted as being applicable to the marriage of domiciliaries in another state; or
(c) the marriage is otherwise invalid under the rule stated in § 132.

§ 132. Marriage Declared Void By Law Of Domicil

A marriage which is against the law of the state of domicil of either party, though the requirements of the law of the state of celebration have been complied with, will be invalid everywhere in the following cases:

(a) polygamous marriage,

(b) incestuous marriage between persons so closely related that their marriage is contrary to a strong public policy of the domicil,

(c) marriage between persons of different races where such marriages are at the domicil regarded as odious,

(d) marriage of a domiciliary which a statute at the domicil makes void even though celebrated in another state.


§ 134. Marriage Contrary To Public Policy

If any effect of a marriage created by the law of one state is deemed by the courts of another state sufficiently offensive to the policy of the latter state, the latter state will refuse to give that effect to the marriage.