§ 10. Domicil By What Law Determined

(1) A question of domicil as between the state of the forum and another state is determined by the law of the forum.

(2) A question of domicil as between one or another of several states other than the forum, the law of each of which differs from that of the other and from that of the forum, is determined by the law of the forum.

§ 11. One And Only One Domicil

Every person has at all times one domicil, and no person has more than one domicil at a time.

§ 12. Relation Between Domicil And Home

Except as stated in §§ 17 and 26 to 40, relating to domicil in a vehicle and to domicil by operation of law, when a person has one home and only one home, his domicil is the place where his home is.

§ 13. Home Defined

A home is a dwelling place of a person, distinguished from other dwelling places of that person by the intimacy of the relation between the person and the place.

§ 15. Domicil Of Choice

(1) A domicil of choice is a domicil acquired, through the exercise of his own will, by a person who is legally capable of changing his domicil.

(2) To acquire a domicil of choice, a person must establish a dwelling-place with the intention of making it his home.

(3) The fact of physical presence at a dwelling-place and the intention to make it a home must concur; if they do so, even for a moment, the change of domicil takes place.

§ 21. Presence Under Compulsion

A person cannot acquire a domicil of choice by any act done under legal or physical compulsion.