Civil Procedure
Law 102 (Section 2)

Professor Green

Fall 2016

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Room 124

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The Cottage

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 On Mon. 10/24 we will finish:

Compulsory Joinder of Actions/Claim Preclusion
    F&K 691-95 [do all questions]
Study Questions
                F&K 699-704 [do all questions, including questions (4)-(6)]
                F&K 714 [sections entitled "On the Merits" and "Restatement (Second) of Judgments"; do question 19]
                Recommended: Glannon Chs. 26-27

Study Questions

and we will do

                Fed. R. Civ. P. 13(a)-(c)
                F&K 61-66 [do questions 26, 31-33]
                F&K 515 [Adam v. Saenger only] [do questions 25 and 26]

Study Questions