Questions on New York's Neumeier Rules

1) Don't the problems with the Neumeier rules show that it is better to simply use the more unconstrained interest analysis approach?

2) One of the most important issues in Edwards is the connection between the rules applying to the bus defendants' and the tractor-trailer defendants' liability. Shouldn't there we a uniform for both?

3) Is it true that laws concerning contribution are loss-allocating rather than conduct regulating, as the court claims in Cooney?

4) What is the relevant injury in Cooney for application of the second Neumeier rule? Is it Cooney’s injury? Or is it Osgood's loss that is the source of the impleader against Mueller? Is there any reason to think that rules created for guest statutes are likely to work here?

5) Isn't it odd that MO law is applied to someone with no connection to MO? Isn't that unconstitutional? But wouldn't it also be unconstitutional to apply NY law to Mueller?