Conflict of Laws
(Law 410)
Spring 2017

MW 2:00-3:15
Room CTG

Prof. Michael Green


Office Phone: (757) 221-7746
Office: 260
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Office Hours:
MW 11:30-12:45
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The text for the course is: Currie, Kaye, Kramer & Roosevelt, Conflict of Laws. In class assignments, the first pages refer to the 9th edition, those in brackets refer to the 8th edition and those in parentheses refer to the 7th edition, unless otherwise stated.


On Mon. 3/27 we will finish:

Depecage 266-72 [241-46] (245-250)
                               Study Questions

and we will do:

Renvoi 272-82 [246-55] (250-59)
                               Study Questions

and we will start:

Complex Litigation 290-322 [263-93] (266-96)
                               Study Questions